Virtual Office

Written on 11.11.2020 15:06 by Timo Philipp Gros

Dear students, 


we build ourselves a digital office. You can find it here

This is a so-called gather and should simplify interaction. It works as follows:

  • Moving in gather can be done by using the arrow keys. Talking to others is only enabled to persons who are virtually near you!
  • Interacting with whiteboards, documents, etc can be done via the X – key. 
  • All Offices are private spaces. That means within an office, one can always hear all other users within that office, independent of the distance within that room, but no users outside from the office (and vice versa). 
  • All meeting tables (blue) are also private spaces. 
  • In the Students working room is the area exactly in front of each table a private room. 
  • The red-colored rooms/area are zoom tables and enable a seamless connection to a Zoom meeting (which generally has a better audio and video quality).

We try to follow this working procedure:

  • While we are working at home, we are online in the gather. When not working actively in the gather, one can of course deactivate microphone and camera. 
  • When we are actively working (e.g. reading, implementing…) the availability is set to green or yellow (basically the same, just different behavior considering camera/microphone)
  • If we are not available for a short period of time, e.g. coffee break, we set the availability to red. Thus, the others now that the person is not here. 
  • If we are gone for a longer time (e.g. lecture, external zoom-meeting, private appointment), we just log out of the gather – like in reality, the person is just not here. 
  • On every used desk (for students as soon as they claimed one) is placed a document. When someone wants to talk to you when you were not available, they can leave a note. Or vice versa – you can leave a note when you’ll be back etc. 

We are hoping to simulate a pre-pandemic everyday working environment. We encourage you to use the gather, especially to communicate with your fellow students. 


See you at gather!

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