Student's working room

Written on 07.03.2022 15:39 by Timo Philipp Gros

Dear students,

We decided to reopen our student’s working room. According to the university’s corona regulations, the following rules must be respected:

  • Only fully vaccinated persons (according to Saarland’s current Covid19 regulation) are allowed to use the room. The university might have controls, so always have your certificate with you.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others at all times.
  • You need to wear a medical mask when moving inside the building or within the room. Additionally, if the minimal distance of 1.5 meters can’t be kept, you also need to wear a medical mask. You can take off your mask when working at your assigned desk.
  • Each day that you visit the student’s working room, please mark your presence in the list that is placed in the kitchen.

If you want to use the room and no desk was assigned to you yet, please contact our group seminar admin. If you have an assigned desk but stopped using it, please also let us know.

We are looking forward to meeting you more often in person.

the MoSi-team

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