Topic Assignments and Dates

Geschrieben am 16.11.2020 11:00 von Michael Backenköhler

Dear all,

below you can see all topic assignments and respective dates. You can find the dates in the seminar calendar, too. In general, the seminar takes place on Mondays at 9am sharp.

Date Name Topic Supervisor
7.12.20 Julian Kilian Variance Reduction VW
14.12.20 Elias Endres Random Process Generation VW
4.1.21 Sebastian Baumann Probabilistic Programming MB
11.1.21 Simon Döring Markov Chain Monte Carlo MB
18.1.21 Christian Schulz Stochastic Gradient Descent MB
25.1.21 Chstian Closheim Rare Events & Cross Entropy Method VW
1.2.21 Raphael Maser Evolutionary Algorithms MB

Remember to prepare the slides in time and have fun researching your topics!

Kind Regards

Michael Backenköhler

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