Materials G, Exams, Office Hours

Written on 30.05.2022 14:25 by Joschka Groß

Dear Students,

We published training sheet G, exercise sheet G, the sample solutions to training sheet F and the script chapter on parameter estimation. These are all available on the materials page. We also uploaded new videos from the 2020 video course in the forum.

As already announced in the introductory lecture, the main exam will take place on July 18, 8:30am. Please do not forget to register for the exam in the LSF (at least 2 weeks prior). There will also be a re-exam on October 20 10am. Obtaining the exam admission qualifies you to participate in both exams. You pass the course if you pass at least one of the exams. Your final grade will be calculated from the exam with the better grade.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that especially the on-site office hours (Monday, Friday) are a great place for working on the exercise sheets. Having concrete questions is not a prerequisite for visiting: you can also just come to the office hour, work on the exercises there, and if a question comes up, our tutors will be more than happy to help!

Kind regards,

The Statistics Lab Team

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