Reopening Teams

Written on 27.04.2022 14:00 by Joschka Groß

Dear Students,

since some teams are already starting to disband, we are reopening the team groupings. Thus it is possible again to leave your current team, or join other teams (provided you know their invite code). This is meant to simplify the regrouping process for teams where some members dropped the course and enables them to self-organize. If you are looking for a new group, because your team disbanded, you can once again use the forum.

We kindly ask you to treat this feature responsibly, i.e.,

  • do not create new (permament) single-member teams,
  • try to keep your teams size at 3 or more if possible
  • make sure to notify your team members in beforehand if you are planning to join another team.

We will be closely monitoring your usage of this feature and may decide to revoke it if necessary.

Kind regards,

The Statistics Lab Team

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