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Written on 11.07.2019 09:57 by Timo Philipp Gros

Dear students, 

you now find the results of the last quiz on your Personal Status page.  

Also on your Personal Status page, you can finde whether you have admission to the exam, which means you passed at least 10 quizzes and you are  furthermore registered in the LSF. If you think you should have admission to the exam but you haven't, please contact us immediately. 

The exam will take place at 10 am on the 17th of July in E1.3, HS 0.02 and will last 90 minutes.You are allowed to bring a not programmable calculator and one DIN A4 sheet with your handwritten notes to the exam. You can write on both sides of the sheet. Furthermore, we will provide a formulary, containing the most important formulas and information about basic distributions, which will be attached to the exam. You can find this formulary under Materials

The presentation of the last exercise sheet, including the bonus exercises, will take place next week on Monday the 15th of July in E2.1 Room 0.01. The solutions of the exercise sheet will be available under Materials afterwards.


the team of Probabilistic Models and Data Analysis


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