Exam Result, Exam Inspection

Written on 18.07.2019 12:28 by Timo Philipp Gros

Dear students,

you can now find the results of the main exam on your Personal Status page. The exam inspection will take place on Wednesday the 24th of July in E1.3 Room 328 from 10 am to 12 am.

We set the number of minimal points for passing the exam to 40, which was close to the average number of points achieved (including no-show-ups and early-leavers).

The exams are oriented towards the Exercise Sheets and not towards the Quizzes. It is important to practice the application of the concepts additional to the theoretical knowledge about them. Our impression is that many students with <60 points could perform much better with more preparation time. 
We would like to support those who want to improve their grade through the re-exam and will make additional offers for preparation end of September. Furthermore, if you have questions during your preparation, don’t hesitate to drop by at Alex’ and Timo’s offices.


the team of Probabilistic Models and Data Analysis

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