Results of First Quiz, First Bonus Exercise

Written on 17.04.2019 16:23 by Timo Philipp Gros

Dear Students,

you can now find the results of the first quiz on your Personal Status page. Please notice that, beginning next Wednesday, the quizzes will start at 10.05 am! Please be on time as we will not grand you more time if you are late.

Also on your Personal Status page you can find the possibility to upload the bonus exercise. Successfully handing in 6 Exercises gives you a 0.3 bonus for your final grade. You are allowed to work in groups of at most 3 people. You are not allowed to copy from other groups. If we catch you plagiarizing, there will be further consequences than just loosing the bonus.

Furthermore, you can now find Errata sections for the materials in the Forum.



The team of Probabilistic Models and Data Analysis

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