Videos for April 24 and programming setup

Written on 18.04.2019 14:21 by Alexander Lück

Dear Students,

the playlist with the videos for next Wednesday is now online. Please, watch the videos to be prepared for next Wednesday.While in earlier years we used Matlab for programming and visualization, we now decided to use mostly Python for this iteration. The lecture notes and the videos will still contain examples in Matlab code. However, we recommend that you become familiar with Python as it is one of the most important languages in the area of stochastic modelling and statistics as well as for machine learning. We will adapt the videos and lecture notes at some point.
On the next exercise sheet, we will have some programming exercises (mostly plotting of distributions). To solve the exercises with Python, you can either use some online programming platform, like Colaboratory, or install Python on your laptop. We also recommend using Jupyter Notebook to organize your projects. Please make sure that your programming setup is ready for next Wednesday and bring Laptops or Tablets with you (one per group).
Note that the quick test covers only the videos and not the plotting of distributions using Python.

Here are some additional links you may find helpful:
- Colaboratory
- Python Setup
- Introduction to Matplotlib
- Jupyter Notebook

Best regards and happy holidays from

the team of Probabilistic Models and Data Analysis

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