New Playlist, Quiz 4, Bonus 3, Exam Date and New Room

Written on 17.05.2019 10:51 by Alexander Lück

Dear students,

you now find the results of the fourth quiz and of the third bonus exercise on your Personal Status page. The playlist with the videos for next Wednesday, as well as new chapters of the lecture notes are now online and can be found under Materials.
Note that since some answers in question 3 were unintentionally mean and there were some typos in the lecture notes concerning the same topic, we "discarded" question 3 from the test, i.e., each of you got the 2 points for this question, independent of the answers given.  Also, for the web-surfer question we accepted two solutions (for alpha=1/3 and 1-alpha=1/3) as the meaning of alpha and 1-alpha is easily mixed up.

On your Personal Status page you find the possibility to upload the current bonus exercise. You are allowed to work in groups of at most 3 people. Please make sure that only one person of your team submits the exercise and that the name and matriculation numbers of all team members are written on top of your sheet.

The presentation of the fourth exercise sheet, including the bonus exercise, will take place next week on Monday the 20th of May in E2.1 Room 0.01. The solutions of the exercise sheets will be available under Materials afterwards.

Since there are no direct conflicts with other exams, we fixed the exam date to the 17th of July (usual lecture time slot 10:00 to 12:00). The exact starting time, duration and room number(s) for the exam will be announced soon.

Also note that we found a larger room for the Wednesday group in building E1.7, SR 008. The new room is SR 001 in the same building. If you don't find the new room (001), you can go to the old one (008) to be picked up there.


the team of Probabilistic Models and Data Analysis

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